There are several ways to contact us either offline or online. Choose whichever feels easier for you.

Leave a Request to Be Called Back

We recommend this method as it’s fast, reliable and non-intrusive for both sides. You reach us online, upon completion of a simple form you hit send, one of our colleagues gets an instant notification with all your details and calls you in max 24 working hours.


Drop Us a Message

If you feel more confident to send us a text right away you can do it via email, Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp

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Facebook Messenger

Give Us a Call

However, if you prefer a voice call, you can use our main line during regular work hours – Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6.30 pm

0300 124 0432

Come and See Us at The Office

We are a real London based team and are happy to meet for a chat at the Stratford office on 44 Broadway, E15 1XH, Floor 4, Suite 9.


Here is a guide with pictures of how you can easily find us. Tap on pictures if visiting from mobile or hover over from desktop.

1. Building Entrance

If coming from Stratford station, go throughout Old Stratford Shopping Centre and on exit, turn right, then passing by McDonalds, you’ll see the office building’ entrance.

2. Floor Entrance

At the reception desk, take the elevator up to the 4-th floor, then enter the hall, turn left and walk through almost to the end of the hall.

3. Our Office

Once you’ve passed second fire door, you’ll be able to see Taxace Logo, on your right hand side. Congratulations, you have arrived.

Request a Call Back

Fill in your details so we can get back to you in max 24 working hours. Thank you in advance.